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Lawrite HR is a firm of HR and management consultants based in the City of London.

Our clients benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise which allows us to cover all their legal and HR support requirements.

We can advise and assist with all employee management issues, including absence from work, performance review, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance procedures, employee appraisals and avoiding discrimination.

Help with employment law compliance and documents, including drafting of individual contracts of employment for all staff and HR policies and procedures tailored to suit your business, is one of our specialist areas.

Lawrite HR is the outsourced legal and HR support partner for a range of businesses and organisations in London and further afield across the UK.

We also work for international clients whose businesses have offices in London and elsewhere in the UK. Their HR teams are based abroad and rely on Lawrite HR to guide them through the complexities of UK employment law, help them put in place the right documents and keep them updated, and provide support when problems with staff arise.

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Outsourced HR and legal support

Managed HR is the outsourced legal and HR support service from Lawrite HR, usually provided under a long-term fixed-cost service agreement.

Our Managed HR clients let us look after the legal and HR issues while they get on with doing what they do best - running and growing their businesses.

More information about Lawrite Managed HR.

HR and management consultancy

We can assist with all aspects of the staff and management problem-solving process including investigation, mediation, and setting up management structures, on a specific project basis.

We have been able to successfully resolve often complex staff and management issues for businesses, some of which were on the brink of long and expensive legal proceedings in the employment tribunal and courts.

Find out more about HR and management consultancy from Lawrite HR.

Training for managers

We can provide training for managers about employment law and how to avoid unfair dismissal, and the Equality Act and avoiding discrimination in the workplace.

Find out more about employment law training for managers.