Employment law HR support for UK employers, businesses and HR professionals from Lawrite HR

Most people running or managing an SME business cannot justify the cost of employing an HR or legal manager, but subscribing to Lawrite HR employment law services allows them to have the benefits of an HR and legal department for a low fixed annual fee.

Welcome to Lawrite HR. We provide fixed-cost employment law and HR support services to employers, businesses and HR professionals in the UK.

We can supply an employment law and HR solution to suit your needs and budget, whether you have one or two employees, or hundreds of staff. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses and organisations including hotels and restaurants, employment agencies, estate agents, schools, care homes and charities.

Our employment law services are used by many in-house HR professionals to ensure they have up to date legal document templates and law guides to work with, and access to telephone legal advice from employment lawyers when it is required.

Fixed-cost employment law HR services

Employers who subscribe to Lawrite HR employment law services have access to the right legal documents, including contracts of employment and staff handbooks with all the policies and procedures required for legal compliance.

Lawrite HR fixed-cost employment law services are available by annual subscription.

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Employment contracts and employee handbooks

Lawrite HR can provide employers with up to date UK employment law documents, including employment contracts, service agreements, contractor agreements, and employee handbooks with all the required policies and procedures.

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Employment law advice and HR support

We provide a clear explanation to employment law compliance. Our customers use the comprehensive guides and manuals we supply for employment law help, HR advice about workplace issues, and health and safety law guidance.

Unlimited telephone legal advice for subscribers

Lawrite's telephone legal advice is provided by a team of working employment lawyers, not a call centre. Our subscribers get a quick response to questions about employment law problems.

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Employment Tribunal indemnity - claims protection

For protection from the legal costs of defending Employment Tribunal claims Lawrite HR can provide legal expenses insurance, which will cover legal defence costs and awards up to £100,000 per claim, and legal representation can be arranged. The insurance also covers health and safety prosecutions, criminal prosecutions, tax enquiries and property disputes.

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Health and safety law help

Lawrite HR provide our customers with a detailed guide to health and safety law, and templates for documents and forms to use to produce a health and safety policy, statutory health and safety statement and risk assessments.

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