HR consultancy from Lawrite

We know how to deal with difficult workplace issues. HR and management consultancy from Lawrite.

HR consultancy from Lawrite

We help employers deal with HR, employment law and management problems.

Areas where we can help employers include:

We usually work with employers on a specific project basis.

HR consultancy

With our advice and assistance, employers can deal with employees that have made grievance complaints, are under-performing, lack capability, or whose conduct at work fails to meet acceptable standards. We can help when there is a problem with long-term absence from work though ill-health or disability.

We can also help employers with redundancies or workforce restructuring.

Disciplinary, grievance and performance review procedures

Many employers and their managers are often unsure about how to handle staff grievances, or how to take appropriate disciplinary action or dismiss an employee when it is required.

Lawrite HR are experts at handling disciplinary action and dismissals, and grievance and performance review procedures for employers.

Discrimination and the Equality Act

It is very important for employers to avoid discrimination during recruitment, promotion, disciplinary action, pay and benefits and many other aspects of HR management or employee relations. We can advise employers about avoiding discrimination, and what to do when staff have made complaints about discrimination, harassment or bullying at work.

Absence from work through ill-health or disability

We can advise employers about what to do when their employees are frequently absent from work because of ill-health or on long-term sick leave, or have attendance or capability issues because of disability. We can assist with the process of making reasonable adjustments to accommodate people with disabilities at work.

Workplace investigations and mediation

Lawrite HR has considerable experience of conducting workplace investigations for employers when there are disputes and employees have made allegations about directors, managers or their colleagues.

We will interview the people involved and report back our findings to senior management or directors.

We will put forward our recommendations for a solution and we can act as mediators to deal directly with the complainant on the employer’s behalf.

We frequently find that there are situations where employers or managers are unable to see a way forward when trying to resolve a dispute or grievance. Often this is because the managers involved are just too close to the issues.

That is where Lawrite HR’s independent outside view, and our extensive experience of dealing with complex employee disputes, can prove invaluable, and we will usually be able to see a way forward.

Redundancies and restructuring

We can help employers plan and carry out a redundancy programme or workforce restructuring exercise.

Making people redundant will usually be a lot less stressful, for employer and employees alike, when it is carried out by independent HR experts who can deal with all communication with employees and conduct meetings with them on behalf of their employer.

We help ensure our clients comply with all the legal requirements for redundancies. When workforce restructuring is required, we can advise employers about how to reorganise without making costly legal mistakes.

Severance packages and settlement agreements

We have many years of experience in negotiating severance packages for senior staff.

Management consultancy

Lawrite’s management consultancy work has grown from many years of providing HR and legal support to a wide variety of different businesses.

We have often encountered situations in which problems the clients regard as purely HR issues are actually caused by management weaknesses within their business. We have been able to identify the problems, and come up with solutions and strategies that can help resolve them.

Consultancy - case study 1:

One of our clients believed that they had an on-going issue around the personality of a senior manager and that manager's interaction with other staff.

When we carried out an assessment of the situation, by interviewing all staff confidentially about their jobs, and how they felt about the ability of their employers in managing staff grievances, a different problem emerged.

We then identified an entirely different employee, whose behaviour was actually the cause of dissatisfaction among the team. With the client’s agreement we were able to negotiate a severance package with the employee.

With the employee’s departure and other changes that we recommended as a result of our investigation the business became a much happier place to work, and the effectiveness of the staff as a whole was restored, greatly benefiting the directors, who could not have solved the problem without our involvement.

Consultancy - case study 2:

An important manager had personal issues around bullying which had damaged relationships within our client's office to such an extent that most key staff were looking for other jobs and the structure of the business was badly damaged.

All of this came to light indirectly.

We were asked to help and conducted an “undercover” fact-finding exercise which enabled us to advise the board members of what was really happening in their business.

Once Lawrite HR had been called in we were able to control the real risk of a catastrophic employment tribunal claim while also re-motivating many senior staff and assisting with the setting up of new management systems.

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